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Although many people believe it stands for "shake my head" or "shaking my head" as in disbelief or disdain, the true meaning is "so much hate." However, due to the widespread use of "smh" from those who have learned its meaning incorrectly, it can be assumed that many who use it do so. Usually used when someone finds something so hateful, spelled out words are not enough. Sometimes modified to 'smfh' or 'smmfh', depending on the magnitude of hatred for the object. Acronym for 'so much hate'. So Much Hate. SMH- Known to the text generation as "Shake my Head" There are also other well known definitions for SMH used by the older community. SMH- Slap my head SMH- So much Hate. 01.09.2011 · whenever someone wrote "smh," "so much hate" seemed to fit the situation -- until a recent one, which incited me to look it up on urban dictionary. now that i know what it really means, i'm a little disappointed. i liked "so much hate" better. So much hate. when someone is posting jokingly rude comments onto your instagram, twitter, facebook, or any other social networking account. also related to the alternate definition of smh: shaking my head. when someone tries to insult you but does it in a stupid way, you could say smh.smh so much hate, shaking my head.

Shaking my head. widely known as an internet acronym for "shaking my head". a less known version that exists is "so much hate". the second version is also acceptable when used in a sentence, although the person you are talking to may be confused and think you mean the first version. An acronym, short for So Much Haters. Used primarily when one is facing the opposition of too many negative haters and you just gotta shrug em off. Classic dontletnobody holdyoudown. a term often used to smoothly ask someone to "seduce my horse", after the big hit old town road by Lil nas x. The teens of nowadays all use this phrase in text messages to politely ask to find the most compatible horse prostitute in order for their horse to "get sum".

We’re not going to say that “so much hate” is incorrect, but it’s not the meaning that most people associate with SMH, so you should avoid using it for that purpose. Etymology of SMH SMH was first added to the Urban Dictionary in 2004 with a meaning that’s identical to the initialism’s current meaning. ‘SMH at this nasty show.’ ‘Wow smh, so many off-subject arguments and comments.’ ‘That man is father of her children, and all she wants to do is embarrass him in front of them. SMH.’ ‘The sequels sucked so what makes them think a tv series will work! Smh.’ ‘SMH at the people who post videos on this site.’. Shaking My Head. WARNING: bad language lies beyond this point As I am sure you know, Urban Dictionary is a creative website. I found some more ways the acronym may be used: Urban Dictionary: smh So Much Hate Small. What Else Does SMH Mean? However, there is a cruel twist.SMH can also stand for “so much hate,” as it does in Urban Dictionary’s third definition.Fair enough,.

Smh urban dictionary. According to Urban Dictionary, Acronym for ‘shake my head’ or ‘shaking my head.’ Usually used when someone finds something so stupid, no words can do it justice. Smh in Texting. A user explains this internet slang. According to him, it is an internet acronym commonly used in text messaging and in Facebook and. SMH - So Much Hate. Looking for abbreviations of SMH? It is So Much Hate. So Much Hate listed as SMH. So Much Hate. So Much Fun; So Much Hate; So Much Hell; So Much It Hurts; So Much Love; So Much Of Paragraph NN; so much so; so much so that; so much the; so much the better; so much. On January 23rd, 2012, "smh" was added to the Online Slang Dictionary. On August 29th, 2013, Vice published an article titled "What Does 'Shaking My Head' Even Mean Anymore?", which noted that the initialism is often used for the alternate phrase "so much hate." On February 26th, 2015, the pop culture blog Bustle published a compilation of animated reaction GIFs for the initialism shown below.

Internet slang changes so quickly that I've started to. “What does SMH mean. What Does “SMH” Mean? The Definition Of The Ubiquitous Acronym And How To Use It In Daily. "She doesnt know who Hannah Montana is smh" smh. by lily.achty December 29, 2016.

SMH: [interjection] acronym for "shaking my head". See also SMDH, SMFH. Kids these days. SMH. See more words with the same meaning: Internet, texting, SMS, email, chat acronyms list of. See more words with the same meaning: to disagree, disapprove, or doubt. A Simple Guide To The Slang Internet Term Everyone's Using. 18 shares. stupid minded humans” or “so much hate. early 21st century — with entries on Urban Dictionary dating.

SMH is also intensified, most commonly as smdh shaking my damn head but also smfh shaking my fucking head, and smmfh shaking my motherfucking head. Less often, SMH will stand for so much hate, showing or commenting on disdain, or scratching my head, used for puzzlement. The Meaning of SMH – SMH means “Shaking My Head“.It is an internet acronym. What does SMH mean? SMH is an abbreviation that stands for “Shaking My Head”. Check the content shared below on this page to find out SMH definition and all the information related to acronym SMH in FAQ format.

23.07.2014 · SMH Meaning - What does SMH mean on the. What does SMH mean on the internet - Facebook. In Australia, SMH can stand for "Sydney Morning Herald". It can also mean "so much hate. Australians trapped in Wuhan have been sent an email with evacuation details including temperature and identity checks, but have also been told it "remains subject to Chinese authority approval".

What Does SMH Mean? The hindsight this is precisely the way I felt when I needed to Google exactly what”SMH” signifies isn’t lost on me. But, there’s a cruel twist. SMH may also stand for”so much despise,” because it will at Urban Dictionary’s Third definition. 18.09.2017 · I have seen it multiple times and the urban dictionary has too many answers. SMH So much hate. Shaking my head and so much hate are both used by multiple users. 11 definitions of SMH. Definition of SMH in Slang/Internet Slang. What does SMH stand for?

Another meaning of SMH is “Sydney Morning Herald”, a newspaper / news website in Australia. If you type “SMH” in Google, you will often get a news story from the Sydney Morning Herald as a result. SMH can stand for “so much hate” as well, although it is much less common than “shaking my head”. why do people say smh my head? that literally means "shaking my head my head" Close. 1. Posted by. I always thought it was So Much Hate. level 2. Stupid out of straight town. Original Poster 2 points · 11 months ago. that's what is said on urban dictionary until pewds explained it. level 1. 1 point · 11 months ago. It's just meant to be.

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