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Freddy The Worlds Tallest Dog. 21K likes. I'm Freddy the Great Dane The Worlds Tallest Dog 2016- I was 7 in May!! Follow my progress here & on my. At 7 feet 6 inches, Freddy is officially declared the biggest dog in the world. When Claire Stoneman first brought home Freddy, she was prepared to care for a big dog. Great Danes rank high on the list of giant dog breeds, with the average adult male weighing up to 190 pounds and standing 33 inches tall at the shoulders. There's no such thing as a small Great Dane, but Freddy surpassed.

I'm Freddy the Great Dane. I started life as the runt of the litter, but after much love, affection and FOOD I am now the largest dog in the world!. This is where you will find my Blog and be able to get in touch - please do, I really like meeting new people. 18.12.2016 · Freddy the Great Dane is officially the world's biggest dog. He is pictured with his owner, Claire Stoneman, at their home in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex. When Freddy was younger, the Great Dane was mischievous and loved chewing up Stoneman’s sofas. Older, smarter, and taller, Freddy still loves his shenanigans, being dorky and just a little bit naughty. He now enjoys sitting on the couches he used to love to eat, naps, and eating food intended for him and playing with his Great Dane sister, Fleur. Freddy the Great Dane Is 7 Feet Tall and the Biggest Dоg in the Wоrld At 7 feet 6 inches, Freddy is оfficially declared the biggest dоg in the wоrld. When Claire Stоneman first brоught hоme Freddy, she was prepared tо care fоr a big dоg.

In this post " Freddy The 7-Foot Great Dane Is The Tallest Dog In The World " Cesar Milan and his team make sure you have all the info you need for handling your dog!</plaintext></p> <p>9,967 Followers, 252 Following, 363 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Freddy The Worlds Tallest Dog @freddygreatdane. Standing at exactly 7 feet 6 inches tall, Freddy the Great Dane has officially been named the tallest dog in the world! Claire Stoneman was prepared to care for a dog rather big in size, but she was not prepared for this. The average adult male weighs up to 190 lbs and stands 33 inches tallMore. 20.12.2016 · From the runt of the litter to a towering giant, Freddy the Great Dane has officially been declared the world’s largest dog by the Guinness book of records. Freddy the Great Dane has officially snagged himself the title of being the world’s tallest dog, and as a result, has received himself a Guinness World Records certificate. His owner, Claire Stoneman, could tell that as Freddy began to grow, he was going to be taller than most other Great Danes.</p><p><a href="/pubg-mobile-nedlastning-av-dataspill">Pubg Mobile Nedlastning Av Dataspill</a> <br /><a href="/utskrivbar-kalender-august-2018-pdf">Utskrivbar Kalender August 2018 Pdf</a> <br /><a href="/4-klasse-rotterbok">4. 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