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Avengers 4 castWill the Fantastic Four be in the.

29.07.2018 · Avengers 4 cast: Will the Fantastic Four be in the next Avengers movie? AVENGERS 4 is one of the most anticipated Marvel movies slated for release, with fans dissecting Infinity War for any tiny. 17.01.2018 · Avengers Infinity War: Does THIS prove the Fantastic Four will be introduced? AVENGERS INFINITY WAR could feature the Fantastic Four, after a fan theory claims there is an Easter Egg in Spider-Man. From The FANTASTIC FOUR To Major Deaths - 22 Burning AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Questions Answered By The Russos. 14.09.2017 · Avengers: Does THIS prove X-Men and Fantastic Four will join the MCU after Infinity War? THE AVENGERS look set to team up with the X-Men and Fantastic Four as Stan Lee confirms Marvel are after. Avengers: Infinity War is full of nods to classic Marvel comics, and one scene may even contain a Fantastic Four Easter egg.

The Fantastic Four join Earth's Mightiest Heroes in this fan-made retro mashup trailer for Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War. With the possibility of dramatic changes looming over the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the fifth Avengers movie will need the Fantastic Four.Marvel Studio President, Kevin Feige, as well as the co-directors Avengers 3 & 4, the Russo Bros, have teased world-rending after Avengers: Infinity War and its sequel. There will be blood, and, more importantly, the MCU will become a very big place – we.

If you thought that Avengers: Infinity War was going to be the biggest superhero team-up ever, just wait until you hear what the directors have in mind for Avengers 4! Infinity War directors. It seems that Avengers fan trailers are the fad at present. If it's not Infinity War edits, lovers of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are looking towards their own take on the sequel. And so, another Avengers 4 fan edit has surfaced online, but with a twist: it brings in Fox's superheroes, namely the X-Men and Fantastic Four, to tackle Thanos. Is Disney going to drop the mother of all MCU bombshells this weekend at D23 by revealing that The Fantastic Four will be in Avengers: Infinity War? It’s possible, as evidenced by four mysterious covered figures that have appeared in the Marvel Studios area that set to be revealed Saturday. The four mystery figures definitely [].

While the team isn't expected to appear in the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War, Disney CEO Bob Iger has already announced that the Fantastic Four, along with the X-Men and Deadpool, will be part. Avengers: Infinity War co-director Joe Russo feels the Fantastic Four still have value as a cinematic property despite their cinematic failings, he said on Josh Horowitz’s Happy Sad Confused. There are plenty of heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and audiences are going to be reminded of that soon enough. Next month, the long-awaited release of Avengers: Infinity War will go down. Kevin Feige confirms Black Panther 2, talks X-Men & Fantastic Four and death in Avengers: Infinity War The pioneer of Marvel Studios' Cinematic Universe gets simultaneously candid and coy on a variety of subjects including the future of the MCU. 17.07.2017 · Fantastic Four in the MCU, Star Wars: The Last Jedi footage, Avengers: Infinity War trailer and more – Weekend News Roundup. July 17, 2017 by Luke Owen Leave a Comment.

Aside from the rights issues, the Fantastic Four were absent from the Infinity Gauntlet which this movie is loosely based on. When Thanos did his 1/2 the population of the universe snap it managed to catch the entirety of the group. The establishe. by Thom Pratt Did Disney get the rights to the Fantastic Four back from Fox, and will they make an appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe during or after Avengers: Infinity War? It’s possible, and a few of the post-credits scenes in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Director Talks About Worthy Stories For Wolverine And The Fantastic Four With Disney likely acquiring 21st Century Fox, fans are. Avengers 4 Theory Explains How to Include X-Men and Fantastic Four. BY. and untitled Avengers. those who had died in Infinity War would also release an energy wave which would.

Will The Fantastic 4 & X-Men Be In 'Avengers 4'?.

AvengersDoes THIS prove X-Men and Fantastic.

The Fantastic Four are unlikely to be a part of the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War movie. Bob Iger, CEO of Disney has already stated that the Fantastic Four, X-Men and Deadpool would become a part of a growing Marvel Universe. AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Directors Are Excited To Work With. bring the X-Men and Fantastic Four into the Marvel. how they could be incorporated into the world of The Avengers and Guardians.

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